Activity Monitors - information for study participants

Thank you for agreeing to wear the monitors.

The red monitor will tell us about your levels of activity and the energy you use during the next seven days, and the black monitor will tell us where your activities take place (i.e. indoors or outdoors). It does not matter how much or little activity you do!

Please remember to do the following:

When you go to bed:

  1. Take the belt off
  2. Turn the black monitor "off"
  3. Charge the black monitor overnight, EVERY night using the charger given

When you wake up:

  1. Turn the black monitor to "log" and put the belt on
  2. Please wear your belt EVERY day for 7 days!

After 7 days, put your belt and the charger in the freepost envelope provided and post back to us.



  • The monitors will either flash or have a continuous light whilst they are recording
  • The red monitor MUST be worn on the right hip
  • You can wear the belt under or over your clothes
  • Both monitors should be worn during WAKING hours only (if you have a snooze during the day, keep your belt on).
  • Please don't wear the monitors whilst you are having a shower or swimming (monitors are not water resistant!)
  • Take the belt off if you are doing any contact sports i.e. rugby, martial arts, etc.


If your monitors are not flashing/have a continuous light, or there are problems charging the device, please get in touch with us. Our details are on the 'Contact Us' page.